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Ellis Cx3 Sun (Refurbished)

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Prescription: None
Frame Colour: Brown

EnChroma Certified Refurbished glasses function like new glasses and have been ultrasonically cleaned, UV sanitized and reconditioned to meet our strict quality standards for lens and frame performance. Covered by our standard 2 year product warranty and 60 day guarantee. Not available in prescription.

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Experience Deeper, Richer, and More Vibrant Colour

See The World In A Way You Never Imagined Possible

Whether you’re in the great outdoors or just out and about, you can experience deeper, richer and more vibrant colours in everything from a sunset or vista to outdoor sports and entertainment. Our lens technology works for about 80% of those with red-green colour blindness.

Experience EnChroma’s Patented Lens Technology

You could see more colours, contrast, clarity and depth perception with lenses scientifically proven to stimulate your brain’s colour vision processing and to provide immediate and long lasting improvement.

Are you a Deutan? The Cx3 Sun Lens is For You

Deutan, the most common type of red-green colour blindness, results in more issues with greens than reds. So, we boost greens and normalize the red-green ratio.

EnChroma Outdoor Cx3 Sun

EnChroma Outdoor Cx3 Sun Lens

100% UV Protection

100% UV







EnChroma Outdoor Cx3 Sun Lens

EnChroma Outdoor Cx3 Sun Lens

Ellis | Fine Italian Craftsmanship

Beautifully handmade in Italy by a premier design house, Ellis is a classic frame that not only looks amazing but is wonderful to wear.

- Smooth black satin finish feels soft to the touch.
- Classic shape fits a wide variety of face shapes.
- Durable, flexible, and lightweight construction.

TR-90 | Lightweight, incredibly durable, very flexible and super comfortable.

Size: Medium

Lens Width: 54mm

Lens Height: 41mm

Temple Length: 145mm

Bridge Size: 18mm

Frame Width: 140mm

60 Day Money Back Guarantee | EVA Glasses Case | Lens Cleaning Cloth | Colourful Balloons | 2 Year Warranty

Scientifically Proven to Help You See Colour

Without EnChroma Glasses

With EnChroma Glasses


Leading Vision Scientists Have Spoken

Independent studies have shown wearing EnChroma glasses can stimulate your brain’s colour vision processing, results in immediate and long lasting colour improvement, and can generate 3 to 5x improvement in colour vision.

Now you can take advantage of the latest in colour perception neuroscience and lens design! EnChroma’s patented technology manipulates light so about 80% of those with red-green colourblindness can see vibrancy of reds and oranges, richer blues and purples or more vibrant greens while distinguishing between colours more accurately. It’s time to live life more colourfully!

Leading Vision Scientists Have Spoken


Leading Vision Scientists Have Spoken


Leading Vision Scientists Have Spoken


Make Sure You Get The Right Lens For You

You are currently viewing our Ellis frame with EnChroma's Cx3 Sun colour blind lens.
If you have Deutan colour blindness, you have selected the correct lens type. You can confirm your type using the test below.

See more symbols in this set? Select Cx3 Sun lens

See more symbols in this set? Select Cx3 Sun SP lens

See all the symbols? You're likely Normal
Select Cx3 Sun lens to take your colour vision to the next level.

Still having trouble deciding? No worries, take our full Online Colour Blind Test. Plus unlock an even more detailed assessment of your colour vision and be able to track improvements while wearing our glasses.

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Robert B.

The Best

"I have many premium sunglasses from Ray Ban, Persol, Randolph, etc. and the EnChroma are the best. Superior clarity, quality construction and I can see reds and greens much better. They make it a beautiful world."

Nicholas P.

The gift of colour.

"I feel the gift of colour is wasted on many. They don't appreciate the vibrancy of the world they have. I've had a taste of that world now. The immersive depth of colours touches my soul with joy."

Brian A.


"I used to think colour would never impact my life. These are amazing and changed, literally, the way I view the world. Thank you."

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